Audio: Voices on the 2016 election. Listen in.

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Clues to what lies ahead could be in U.S. immigration policy. By Elizabeth Lafave
Liz LaFave

How marijuana factors into the election. By Alex Smith:Alex Smith

Why college student voter turnout is low. By Bryce Airgood:Bryce Airgood

They can’t vote yet, but Girls Scouts have an opinion. By Chloe Kiple:

Millennials are feeling the Bern. By Christian Barrington:

Planned Parenthood and the presidential election. By Christine Toth:

The top of the ticket is tops on student minds. By Jamal Tyler:

Politics and the proposal to ban Muslim immigrants. By Griffin Wasik:Griffin Wasik

Looking for the key to turn young voters on. By Eve Kucharski:Eve Kucharski

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