Rap those lyrics here: Lansing rap scene growing

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By Nakea Paige
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Many aspiring music artists are finding more and more places to go to perform their music.

We are now in a world where people are using the art of music to get their feelings out about the things they are feeling. Even though writing is one way to escape the world, people are feeling that they can connect more with music.

“Every time I perform, I feel connected to the audience. I have had someone come up to me after a show, in tears, telling me how great my performance was and how it impacted them,” said local rap artist Wavie P., whose whose real name is Ricky Pannell Jr.

Local rap artist Wavie P at a hosting job at Beggers Banquet

Local rap artist Wavie P at a hosting job at Beggers Banquet

Rap music is one of the most popular genres of music according to a poll taken by Time Magazine in 2015 during the Grammy nomination season. There are more people interested in rap music than any other genre all around the world.

According to a survey from SurveyLum.com the most common people who listen to rap music are under 25 years old and are majority males, black and white.

Many places in Lansing, are opening their doors for people to come and perform their own music in order to connect with their neighbors and create a fan base.

Lansing has a large population of people under 30 according to a 2010 census, which is why a lot more people are turning to rap music as a target to get their points out.

At these places like The Loft, Mac’s Bar, or the Avenue Cafe are some of the places Pannell said he frequents very often.

“I have been to these venues to see other music performances and the crowds were definitely different. I went to an alternative rock show and there was barely a crowd there,” he said. “When I went to a rap show, the place was packed and full of all types of people. Mostly young people around college age, black and white, who are looking to have a good time.”

There are a few people who feel that rap music does nothing but incite riots and causes people to get drunk or high and act crazy, when that normally isn’t the case according to Pannell.

“Of course you have those people who have to get ignorant and do things but it is mostly because they are drunk or under the influence. The music isn’t what makes people go crazy, it’s the substances they chose to use,” he said.

With places opening their doors to local musicians, it is giving them a lot of hope that their music will get out to the public in hopes that it gets to the right ears.

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