Preparations for March 8 primaries keeping election officials busy

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By Jalen Smith
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Voters Sign in front of Town Hall

Photo By Jalen Smith

The March 8 presidential primary election is coming up and the people of Delhi Township are preparing. The job of the voters is to keep up with who is running. However, the job for the clerk is completely different than those of the voters, because preparing for elections can be a handful.

“Big or small we have a lot to get done before any election, and it’s my job to make sure it all goes smoothly,” said Township Clerk Evan Hope.

Election turnouts varies depending upon the election. Some people may not vote even with absentee ballots.

“In November’s presidential election, Delhi has seen as high as 79 percent turnout. August primaries can vary from 19 percent to 40 percent turnout, stand-alone school turnouts can have 10 percent or less of a turnout, I’m guessing we’ll see between 20 to 30 percent turnouts come March 8,” said Hope.

Each registered voter is assigned to a precinct in Delhi Township. There are a total of nine precincts, Sam Corey Senior Center, Midway Early Learning Center, Holt High Schools North Campus, Hope Middle School, Delhi Community Service Center, and Holt Junior High School. Hope Middle School, Holt High School, and Holt Junior High School are two precincts each.

Map of Each Precinct

A map of the precinct locations Source: Delhi City website

“Yes, my precinct location is right down the street there at the middle school,” said Holt resident Lamar Nox.

The preparation for Election Day is challenging because ballots need to be ordered and proofed, and election inspectors needs to be selected. Inspectors are chosen from a set of applications for individuals who would like to be apart of the elections team. Applications can be found online and can be submitted through e-mail or sent in through the mail service. Other preparations involve testing tabulators, ordering of supplies such as pencils, and even issuing out the ballots on the day of voting.

Each vote is counted and submitted through the tabulator that is located on site at each of the precincts. Results are not known until the ballots close. However, each response is submitted throughout the day.

While the clerk is preparing for voting day, the voters are waiting to submit their votes for the primaries.

“Oh yeah, I always vote,” said Nox. “I think it’s important, our people didn’t gain the right to not vote.”

Absentee voters are individuals who may not be physically able to go to their assigned precincts. A person could be out of town, over the age of 60, or unable to attend the polls due to religious values. Delhi has a permanent absentee voter list, where each person on the list automatically gets sent an absentee ballot to send in. In order for a person to be sent an absentee ballot, they must apply before any action can be done according to

Photo By Jalen Smith

Photo By Jalen Smith

A lot of people may not come out and submit their ballots, however the people of Delhi are pushing the efforts and encouraging other to vote as well.

“I’m not personally too fond of the people up for election, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go out and put something down,” said Nox. “Everyone should vote, it maybe intimidating with things changing, but everyone should just get out there and put down something.”

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