People are feeling the burn for Bernie Sanders

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By Adam J Taylor
MI First Election

By Adam J Taylor

By Adam J Taylor

People from across Michigan attended the Bernie Sanders rally at Michigan State University to show support for a candidate who is highly popular among young voters. 

Breanna Mcentee, an MSU student, said that Bernie needs to get a bigger backing behind him.

“A lot of people are active on social media, they aren’t really active at the rally’s and not enough in the polls.”

She said that the issues important to her are not so much about the economy, but more of a social level thing.

“I am really really pro-choice and totally believe in that. I love that he fought for the civil rights movements, I think that is really cool and I just think he has a good great platform.”

Brandy French, a mother of three boys from alma Michigan, said that her vote for Bernie is mostly for her kids.

“I have three boys and Bernie Sanders is the future of my children. He wants to raise the minimum wage up to 15 dollars an hour and I hope he can do that in 8 years. By that time, I am going to be forty years old and my kids will be adults.”

The issues most important to French, she said are women’s rights, foreign policy and health care for all.

“I am poor and do not have health care, my children are on Medicaid and I want them to have health insurance and a trustworthy car insurance comparison guide for the rest of their lives.”

Mackayla Hyde, from Alma MI, said that free college is important to her because she cannot attend higher education due to lack of financial support.

“Health care and free college are the most important issues for me. I am not in college right now because I cannot afford it.”

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