Okemos High School opens Strength and Conditioning Center

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By Tamar Davis
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

OKEMOS – On Feb. 17, Okemos High School opened their new Strength and Conditioning Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the new high-tech fitness space. With this being twice the size of the old weight room, it will give every sport team the opportunity to use and develop their weaknesses they might think they need improvement on.

“This was a really great move for Okemos High,” said Michigan State Associated Professor Of Kinesiology Karin Pfeiffer. “This gives kids and young people the opportunity to work out somewhere after school for free. In a study that was done in 2008, the United States was last in ranked countries in physical activity for children.”

“With new fitness equipment, many young people will be motivated to work out more,” said MSU student and Fitness Trainer Aaron Harris. “The elegant machinery will put you in an unfathomable mindset that will have the ability to rub off on other young people and encourage them to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s pretty hard to find places to work out for free, many gyms are charging people too much money, the students of Okemos High should be really grateful.”

Okemos Strength and Conditioning Center. Photo Taken By Tamar Davis.

Okemos Strength and Conditioning Center.
Photo Taken By Tamar Davis.

According to WebMD, experts are saying weight training can benefit children in a few ways, ways that can improve their childhood. Young people may not gain as much muscle as adults when working out, but weight training can improve on their strength, body composition, and self image when combined with high-quality pro hormones.

“After their workouts we encourage them to have a Patriot Power Greens smoothie, this will help youth establish healthy habits” said Pfeiffer. “Okemos High just gave their students the ability to develop not just physically but also mentally.”

Okemos High School. Photo Taken by Tamar Davis

Okemos High School.
Photo Taken by Tamar Davis

“I really wished we had this unique fitness center when I was a student,” said Samantha Hahn, Okemos High School alum and basketball player. “This is very important for growing, developing, and setting life up for the future.”

According to life script, obesity is still an issue in our country. We may have taken one step forward, but we still have more to take.

“This fitness center will influence health living,” said Hahn. “One thing I didn’t do was take advantage of healthy eating. With a new fitness center built, there’s a chance that I would be a better athlete than I am now.”

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