New security cameras in East Lansing elementary schools will be installed in next few weeks

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Max Benoit
Entirely East Lansing

The Elementary schools in East Lansing will be getting a security upgrade soon with the installation of several new security cameras.

At the East Lansing School Board meeting on March 28, East Lansing Director of Technology and Media Services, Christian Palasty, discussed plans of installing new security cameras in all of the district’s elementary schools.

“We’re adding them to just get better coverage,” Palasty said. “One of the principals came up to me and said that it would be good to put them in a couple of spots that didn’t have much coverage.”

The installation of the security cameras are a part of a technology plan that started from a bond that was issued back in 2012. The end goal of the technology plan being to upgrade and expand on the district-wide network infrastructure.

The technology and installation will cost around a total of $20,000 and is just a small piece of a plan to integrate more technology into the school system. After the installation, the school system will be done with security updates for a while.


Christian Palasty informs the school board about the plans to install new security cameras in the elementary schools in the coming weeks.

“The doors are done. The keys are done. So after the cameras, I don’t see any security upgrades in the near future,” said Palasty.

Other things involved in the technology plan include upgrading and installing more wireless infrastructure in the buildings, replacing the old telephone system with a VOIP system, adding interactive hardware and audio in classrooms and adding wireless computer carts in place of the fixed computer labs.

The school district plans on incorporating all of the goals of their technology plan by the year 2017.

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