Mason superintendent presents bond proposal to City Council

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The Mason Times
By Nadia Lorencz

Mason Public Schools superintendent Ronald Drzewicki proposed a $79,000,000 bond and a site sinking fund renewal at the March 21 City Council meeting.

The site sinking fund is a current fund with a term of 10 years. It allows districts to provide funding on a pay as you go basis.

Currently the fund provides about $665,000 annually and has provided for roof repairs, parking lot repaving, well repairs, door and window replacements and other facility updates.

City Council members discuss bond proposal for Mason Public Schools on Monday.

City Council members discuss the bond proposal for Mason Public Schools on Monday.

“We want to invest in our students,” said Drzewicki.

The steering committee and teacher requests were taken into account when it was decided what improvements should be made to the school district.

A common concern among Mason Public School teachers is a concern for safety and security in the schools and also a need for more and newer technology.

The steering committee had concerns involving aged facilities and overcrowding at all three elementary schools.

Each elementary school is designed for approximately 405 students however each school will have over 485 students next year.

If the bond is to pass, it will have three series.

The first would be $32.5 million project of a new building for all 4th and 5th graders.  It would solve the problem of overcrowding in all three elementary schools and would allow the district to hopefully hire a new teacher or two.

The second series would include work on all three existing elementary schools that would total $17.2 million. Work on the elementary schools would include updates in safety and security to the buildings.

City Council member Jon Droscha expressed his concerns  on the impact of residential streets being the only way to access some schools.

The safety updates on elementary schools would include reorganized parking and pedestrian and traffic circulation challenges.

More safety updates would be put in place at all schools. This would include secure school entries, sidewalk and pedestrian traffic improvements, and the purchase of new busses.

Finally the third series would be work done on the middle and high school along with advances in technology. New science labs, STEM lab, robotics, visual and performing arts are among a few renovations in the plan.

The third series would cost approximately $30.1 million.

If the bond does pass, the proposed increase would cost approximately $13 per month for every $100,000 in market value of your home according to Superintendent Ronald Dzewicki.

Voting on the proposal is set for May 3, 2016. The Mason Public Schools community will have the opportunity to vote on both proposals.

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