Mason Museum to write a book on local war veterans

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By Nadia Lorencz
The Mason Times

MASON, Mich.- Members of the Mason Area Historical Museum plan to create a book dedicated to war veterans in the Ingham County area.

On Feb 20, the museum held an event where war veterans were asked to share their experiences and photos of World War 2. With this information, the museum plans on creating a book composed of several war veterans’ stories.

The idea came about when museum member Carolyn Cooper, was looking through old videos in the museum’s library. She and other members were trying to brainstorm ideas for a fundraiser.

“We rely a great deal on fundraising to support the museum which is costly,” said Cooper.

The book will be published this upcoming fall. “The goal is to have it out by veterans day,” said Cooper.

“There’s a committee that decides what book to put out next as a fundraiser,” said Shirley Renwick. However this is the first time members have decided to write their own book.

Each chapter will be dedicated to a separate veteran and will share their experiences of World War II.

The publication will not only contain profiles of veterans, but also short synopses’ of what was going on at the time. Topics such as rationing, the military draft, and many more will be addressed in the text.

One attendee of the event shared his experience graduating high school at the age of 17 and immediately enlisting into the Navy with some of his friends.

Others shared experiences of saving metal gum wrappers, rubber, and fat (from cooking) for the war effort.

The target audience for this book is anyone who’s interested in history or World War 2. “people who just want an uplifting story of where this country was at one point and what it survived”, said Cooper.

Among some of the interesting experiences shared was that of a veteran named Ernest Lutz. He was a pilot who flew on D-day and vividly recalls the day’s events.

On May 29, 1944 Lutz was seeing out a mission when his pilot was shot. He took over the controls and was able to finish out his mission.

Ernie took a total of 65 missions while serving in the military and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

His story along with many others will be shared in detail in the book.

If you or someone you know has any information on veterans of the war that you would like to see published in the book or if you have a passion for writing and would like to contribute, contact Carolyn Cooper at (517)-676-2757.

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