Lot splitting application on Spartan Avenue

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Planning Commission meeting that took place on March 23 in East Lansing. Pictured is Darcy Schmitt, Don Davis, Summer Minnick, and the rest of the Planning Commissioners’ meeting.

By Kayla Robinson

Entirely East Lansing

EAST LANSING, – Charles Maniaci asked the Planning Commission last week to split his property at 419 Spartan Ave. into two lots so he can make higher and better use of his lot and additionally wants to add another unit onto his lot for renting purposes in the future.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Darcy Schmitt said the proposal has to meet the requirements for both the subdivision regulations and the State Act.

“The whole process is pretty basic,” Schmitt said.

East Lansing Community Development Analyst Pablo Majano said the requirements were met for the subdivision requirements, but not for the zoning code.

“The only standard that this proposal does not meet would be the lot depth; which the standards would be 120 feet,” Majano said. “The split for the Spartan side would be 96 feet deep, and for Stoddard, it would be 82 feet deep.”

Schmitt went on to say that even though the proposal does not meet the zoning code, the lot split can still be made possible.

“Although we use two different laws, we use the subdivision law as our main source,” Schmitt said. “When it comes to lot splits, as long as the subdivision regulations are met, then the zoning code does not matter.”

Planning Commissioner Don Davis said the lot split proposition seems straightforward and there should not be too many complications with getting it approved.

“The applicant has already split another lot adjacent to this one previously,” Davis said. “The rest of the neighborhood and most of the lots have already been split. To me, it seems like a practical thing to do and not out of character with the neighborhood; I would think that approval would be appropriate.”

Planning Commissioner Summer Minnick asked if lot split proposals have to go through both the Planning Commission and the City Council in order to get approval, or if it is just one or the other.

“The application still has to go through the City Council after it has already been at the Planning Commission,” Schmitt said. “The Council regarding this will be held on April 12 and on that day, they will ultimately make the final decision. There is no reason the council should deny this, however, seeing as how everyone at the Planning Commission approved of it.”

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