Home is where your corner bar is

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Corner of Holt Road and Cedar Street Photo Courtesy of Roya Burton

Corner of Holt Road and Cedar Street
Photo Courtesy of Roya Burton

By Roya Burton
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Ron Heady remembers the first time he stepped into what is now known as Darb’s Crystal Bar. What was originally known as “Crystals” in the mid 1970s would later be bought by the Darbis family, and restored into what it is today. Even then he knew it was someplace special, that you couldn’t find just anywhere.  

“When I was a little boy my Dad and I would come to this bar. I remember him giving me change for pinball and I would just come and sit while he played cards with the boys,” said Heady.

Home is the term that this family business strives for. The regulars, and even new customers will come and go, feeling as if they never left the comfort of their own house.

“You come in through the back, and go straight through the kitchen, like anybody’s home. That’s how we know if you’ve never been here before, you’ll use the front door,” he said.

When the Darbis family bought the Delhi location they knew the importance of the former business so they added Darb’s in front of the original name.

Faith Zalewski who is also a regular at Darb’s say she likes it because of the size and the atmosphere.

“It’s tiny and I know everybody. They play all kinds of music and if it ever gets too obnoxious I tell people to shh, and they do just that,” said Zalewski.

Diana Brown who is a long-time employee at Darb’s has seen the way the bar has become a homebase for Delhi residents.

“It’s a great atmosphere, we made it to be comfortable, we don’t want people to feel out of place,” said Brown.

The Delhi location has been going strong in it’s new form for almost 22 years and hasn’t let up yet.

“We’re very engaged, were changing with the times and I think that’s why people love it. It’s like an episode of Cheers in here, everybody knows everybody’s name,” she said.

Amanda Bolarlowski, 23, has been coming to Darb’s since her 21st birthday and says it’s like being in your own living room, with your parents close by.

“It’s just that hometown feel, the people here they make you feel at home,” she said.

The building which was has been a pillar in the Delhi community for almost 50 years continues to leave their light on, for anybody who wants to come in.

“No matter what race, or gender you are, everybody comes in and were happy to see them,” said Heady.

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