Holt recreation activities give kids a chance to grow

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By Jalen Smith
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Delhi Township’s recreation options are among the many ways that the community comes together and betters the youth of Holt. Sports and smaller activities and events are put in place so that kids in Holt can have experience to grow and develop into society.

Delhi focuses their attention on children in preschool up until fourth grade; then after the students reaches fourth grade the child goes under the organization of the Junior Rams, a group of parents who organize the sports and activities of older children.

“We focus our attention on the younger age group mainly because this is the age group where you can prevent bad things happening to the kids, if you keep them active we feel you can better prevent the children from becoming criminals, or getting into trouble,” said Parks and Recreations Coordinator Tim Tilma.

Holt produces many programs for the children of Delhi. T-ball for girls and boys are available. The recreation also offers basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, floor hockey, and even swimming for those children who are interested, registration and physicals are required for children to participate.

Other non-sport related activities includes a Fishing Derby which happens on the first Saturday in June, Community Kids Day, and even an Easter Egg Hunt according to Delhi Charter Township.

Holt utilizes school gymnasiums and fields for their sporting events and programs because the city does not have a separate building to house the recreational programs.

Map of Recreational Locations

Map of Recreational Locations

“The recreational activities takes place on township properties, and Holt school district property,” said Tilma.

The recreation has a positive impact on the community, and changes the lives for the kids that participate in the recreations.

“Recreation always has a positive impact on community.  It provides lifelong memories and friendships for families,” said Tilma.

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