Gender doesn't matter: Haslett High's girls basketball team is embraced by the community

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By Tamar Davis
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

HASLETT — The Haslett High School girls basketball team has been on fire for the last two seasons. With this season coming to an end due to a crucial loss to East Lansing High in the first round of the playoffs, the Vikings kept their heads up high as they look to improve and become a team to be highly-scouted.

With all of their success, the Vikings have made a statement as to how girls basketball is just as important and entertaining as boys basketball.

Haslett High Girls Basketball Team trophy case. Photo Taken by Tamar Davis.

Haslett High Girls Basketball Team trophy case.
Photo Taken by Tamar Davis.

Coach Robert Currier believes his girls received a great amount of attention from the community and doesnt think things would be different if it were the boys basketball team.

“Our community shows so much support for our team,” said Currier. “Our teams doesn’t show favoritism and the community of Haslett doesn’t show favoritism. Whenever one of our teams have a game, those stands are packed to the limit. I really appreciated all of the television coverage, and news articles we received.”

But in general, “there isn’t enough money invested in women’s sports,” said Currier. “There is also not enough coverage in women’s sports on television.”

Not only does Currier believes its hard for women to be successfully known in sports but both Michigan State Associated Professor Of Sociology Stephanie Nawyn and Haslett High principal Bart Wegenke agree as well.

“Fans are complaining about coverage on women’s sports on ESPN,” said Nawyn. “Media outlets play a huge factor in it. They believe there isn’t a big enough consumer demand, but there is.”

Wegenke said, “I think it’s a challenge there … Because of the lack of visibility for women’s athletics and higher visibility for men’s athletics, it’s naturally going to lend itself more opportunities to males for endorsements and other things. I think its unfortunate.”

When it comes to attention, Wegenke believes his girls basketball team could never receive too much of it. The Haslett High girls basketball team finished the season 16-5 with a 8-2 conference record.

“In general Its never enough,” said Wegenke. “To be a student -thlete and to compete at a high level there needs to be more support for that, in all sports.”

Currier was very pleased and proud of his girls and how hard they worked after losing some key players last season.

“Every team is different,” said Currier. “Im always going to be proud of my team no matter what the outcome is at the end of the season. Im extremely proud of them this season because of how they manage to bounce back with an amazing season after not having the same senior class core we had last season. We needed leadership and thats we had.”

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