Finding Yourself Through Art series continues with silk screening class

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Luella James and Barb Upleqen help one another press the paint on to the screen during class creating flowers. Both ladies are active members within the Senior Center.

Luella James and Barb Upleqen help one another press the paint onto the screen during class creating flowers. Both ladies are active members of the Senior Center.

The Williamston Post

WILLIAMSTON – Members of the senior center plastered paint on their hands and utensils, creating different images on their cloth during silk screening class. Smiles filled the room as the ladies found themselves enjoying one another.

Silk screening class is a great way to personalize anything. For one hour the ladies had fun working together to transfer a design to a screen.

“It’s an easy, fun process that has unlimited outcomes,” said class instructor Wendy Shaft. “These ladies quite surprised me with their creativeness.”

Shaft is an artist from Limner Press, a company that works with printmaking, mixed media, design, textiles, letterpress and prepress.

“I’m glad I received the invitation from the senior center to attend the Find Yourself Through Art series,” said Shaft. “It won’t be my last time coming.”  

The Find Yourself Through Art series is an art class offered each month, providing the members of the senior center with a creative fun activity exercising their art skills.

“These activities keep them youthful,” said senior center volunteer Erin Carr. “It’s just another great way to keep them active as well as myself.”

Carr has been volunteering at the senior center for the past eight months. Ever since her grandmother passed away last June, Carr has been encouraged to be involved with the center as much as possible.

“I try to attend as many events as I can throughout the year,” said Carr. “Since I’ve been volunteering here they started the new art series, which I do find the most fun and interactive with them.”

Many of the members said they were keeping their silk press designs for themselves. Others said they are giving them to their grandchildren.

“My grandchildren are always bringing me their artwork from school that they don’t give to their parents,” said Dolores Troop, an active member at the senior center. “So when it’s my chance to make something, I make sure I give them something back.”

Troop said her grandchildren’s smiles inspire her to continue the series.

“They absolutely love my paintings when I visit,” said Troop. “I believe they told me they were going to start my own art wall at their house because I give them so many.”

Luella James is also an active member at the senior center. She said she enjoys every activity the center puts on.

“They give us something to do every week and I appreciate that,” said James. “Silk screening was fun today, I wonder how they are going to top this one.”   

The next class in “Finding Yourself Through Art Series” is Zentangle. Saturday, April 23. Sign up now by calling 517-242-4648.

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