East Lansing residents react to presidential candidates ahead of Michigan primary next week

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By Max Benoit
Entirely East Lansing

With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the clear

MSU freshman Jake Nitzkin plans on voting in Michigan's presidential primary next week.

MSU freshman Jake Nitzkin plans on voting in Michigan’s presidential primary next week.

frontrunners in the presidential race, some East Lansing residents are worried about the upcoming Michigan presidential primary.

“I can’t believe Trump is making a spectacle and doing as well as he is doing,” said Randy Shepherd, a resident of Lansing who is retired from General Motors. “I mean it scares me honestly.”

Shepherd said that it is Trump’s inexperience with politics that has him nervous.

“He’s doing way too well,” Shepherd said. “Yeah he runs businesses and makes money, but I don’t know if he honestly would be good at running a country. There are a lot of things that I don’t think that he should have his hands in.”

Tina Dombrowski is a job developer from Bath Township shares a similar feeling toward Trump as well as Clinton.

“I’m not too pleased. Trump is an idiot and Hillary is in the pocket of all of the super PACs (Political Action Committees),” Dombrowski said. “I would prefer to get money out of my politics. So I really hope that it will be Bernie on the Democratic side.”

When it comes to actually voting, many people struggle with deciding which candidate to vote for. This will be the case for MSU freshman Jake Nitzkin when he goes to vote in the presidential primary next week.

“Well I still haven’t taken the time to look at all of the campaign websites to truly see what policies my personal beliefs align with the most,” Nitzkin said. “Things Donald Trump does bother me. He doesn’t treat people well. Hillary Clinton’s past scandals also make me a bit uncomfortable.”

Nitzkin is just one of many MSU students who have registered to vote in the presidential primary next week. According to East Lansing City Clerk Marie Wicks, over 90 students came to the city clerk’s office on the final day of voter registration.

“I would ask them what brought them out to register, they would say that they were supporting Bernie but also wanted anyone but Trump,” Wicks said.

Wicks also said that she has already seen a significant absentee voter turnout among students this year.

“We’ve never seen it like this,” Wicks said. “We think that’s a really good thing. We think that it means that students are understanding that this is the way that they are able to cast this ballot.”

Wicks explained how the voting process will work for voters that are not voting absentee arrive at the polls next week.

“When the voters get to the polling location they will first need to fill out an application to vote. They will make a ballot selection (Democrat or Republican). They’ll go to what’s called the electronic poll book, where they will be issued their ballot. They’ll cast their vote on the ballot. Then they’ll go over to the tabulator where there will be a person there to assist them in inserting their ballot into the tabulator. Once that’s done, they’ll get a sticker,” Wicks said.

The only item that will be required on election day when voting at a polling location will be a photo ID.

“What we’re really looking at the photo to match the person up with the ID,” Wicks said. “If a person does not have an ID, all they have to do is state that at the polling location. Then they just have to sign a form and it’s no problem. They can vote.”

Wicks would also like to dispel the notion that if you are a first time voter, you have to vote at a polling location.

“If you are a first time voter and even if you registered by mail, you can still come in with your ID and see us at the clerk’s office to vote absentee,” Wicks said. “Technically we are a polling location right now.”

Voting for the Michigan presidential primary will be held next Tuesday, March 8. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. As long as you are in line before 8 p.m., you will be able to vote. To find out more about voting process and what city you are registered in, go here


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