Crosaires hosts its third annual Easter egg hunt

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By Kelsey Clements
The Williamston Post

The children lined up at the start line with Easter baskets in hand. The look of excitement and the urge to begin lit up their faces.

The Crosaires Assisted Living Home hosted its third annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday, March 25. Crosaires’ owner Todd Walter said their mission statement is “Where care and community intersect.” Each year, they pick a community need to raise money for.


Children lined up at the starting line at the third annual Crosaires Easter egg hunt. Photo by Kelsey Clements

Walter organized the event and stuffed more than 1,500 eggs with nut-free candy for the children. He said he worked with 16 local businesses who provided a variety of gift certificates, which filled special golden eggs.

“Everything that we do is about the community,” said Walter.

This year, Crosaires raised $449 in donations from people who attended the hunt. It was given to the Hospice of Lansing, after Matthew Davis died of a lengthy battle with cancer. Walter approached Davis’ wife, Penny, and informed her that he wanted to raise money for a cause that helped his friend Matthew enormously. During the end of his fight, he stayed in Stoneleigh Residence in the Hospice of Lansing, so all donations will be given to the organization.

Penny Davis teared up talking about the loss of her husband and said how thankful she is to have the community’s support.

“I’m still not ready to engage in many activities, but I agreed to this Easter egg hunt because it’s a good healing process,” said Penny Davis. “It’s a great way to give to the community and those who helped our family through his sickness.”

Last year, Crosaires raised $800 for a local family whose house burned down after their wood burning stove caught a nearby wall on fire.

Owner of the house, Aaron Defreese, and his family have been coming to the Easter egg hunts since they first began.

“We came today to give back to the community that helped us so much with our situation,” said Defreese. “We wanted to help, the same way that the community helped us.”

Walter said that he hopes the event will get bigger and bigger each year. He said he can’t wait to see how many people they can help in the future.

“Matt would be very proud of everyone involved in the hunt and would be especially grateful for Todd,” said Penny Davis.

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