County to seek grant for park and landing renovations, construction

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By Xin Wen
Ingham County Chronicle Staff Reporter

At the Feb. 29 Ingham County Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, there was a recommendation to the Ingham County Parks Department to apply for grants to renovate the overlook shelter and picnic area at Burchfield Park.

Ingham county parks-burchfield park project budget sheet

Ingham County Parks-Burchfield Park project budget sheet

The department would apply to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for a Recreation Passport grant to fund those renovations and also the construction of a canoe/kayak launch at McNamara Landing for the purpose of providing a universally-accessible landing site.

Jeff Dehl, the manager of Burchfield Park, said the grant money would improve public accessibility and enhance recreational experience, promote recreational activity and healthy lifestyles, promote local tourism, and create economic benefits, among other benefits.

Laura Granger, from the Washtanong, a non-profit river conservancy, said she totally agrees with theidea and the commission can try to gather voluntary contributions of money or other resources through fundraisers.

“I consider this a wonderful addition to the trails for the county,” Granger said. “I wanted to suggest perhaps that we ask people to buy into this with a fundraiser. It will give us a second thing and that is once you have people buy in and donate their money then they kick a little ownership and it also supplies a little more funding and makes people aware of what’s going on.”

These projects will be included as an amendment to the current five year Master Plan.

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