Community Showcase brings people together in DeWitt

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By Brittany Flowers
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

On April 14 DeWitt Public Schools will host the 5th Annual DeWitt Community Showcase.

The event will showcase student achievement, and local business and service organizations.

Planning began in January and Event Coordinator Monica Dennings said the whole purpose of the event is to get all of the community organizations together and showcase the great things DeWitt has to offer.

“It originally started with our superintendent Dr. (John) Deiter, he did a showcase similar to this in his previous school district of Belding. So he had the idea to bring it here when he came to DeWitt,” Dennings said.

There are ten local businesses sponsoring the event from dental offices, to restore shops, and even the Sparrow Clinton Hospital.

“A lot of times people don’t realize that there’s certain businesses in our community and so it’s just kind of a great experience for everybody to see what’s out there,” Dennings said.

The showcase will have a variety of different activities and entertainment put on by groups such as club swim, sport groups, girl scout and boy scout troops, and even some high school students who will perform in the auditorium, according to Dennings.

Dennings said the students look forward to the chance to showcase their talents in front of member of the community because they work long and hard on preparing for performances, and the event gives them that opportunity.

Michigan State University music student Daniel Neuroth said, “My high school actually used to put on showcases where we’d get to perform and it was really great. I’m from a small town and it really brought everyone together to form connections and I enjoyed the opportunity to perform with my peers in front of my family and other members of the community.”

According to Eventbrite, bringing people together in this way helps create a more caring and inclusive community. Ultimately, it can make your local area a nicer place to live.

The DeWitt Community Showcase is an event that is put on to achieve this goal, and may be a contributor to the overall sense of community in DeWitt.

According to the DeWitt Charter Township website, DeWitt Township maintains one of the highest qualities of life in the area and that it is a great place to live, work, and play.

Linda Travis, resident of DeWitt said “It’s a wonderful place to live. Small town feel, everybody knows everybody, everyone is friendly- it’s really a great community.”

Most of the planning for the event began in January, but Dennings said it’s an ongoing process and it isn’t just the school that is in charge of putting on the event.

“It’s a joint effort between the public schools, and then we also have the DeWitt Chamber of Commerce, and the township working with us as well and the city,” Dennings said.

Not only does the showcase bring business owners, students, and residents together, but also gives an opportunity for the schools to work together with the township and allow people feel a sense of connection with their community- all through one event.

DeWitt strives to create a community feel as the DeWitt Area Chamber of Commerce said “DeWitt is more than a cluster of neighborhoods and geographic areas; it is a community of people,” and events like this showcase help fulfill this motto.

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