Clinton residents all have access to recycling all sorts of stuff

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By Brittany Flowers
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

Recycling is very much encouraged in Clinton County as a variety of recycling programs are offered to residents within the county.

The Clinton County Department of Waste Management sponsors collection events nearly every month throughout the year.

Recycling programs range from curbside pickup, to drop-off locations, and even collections of hard to get rid of waste.

“The county itself oversees two — it’s like a collaborative effort but we oversee two drop-off recycling sites of the about 12 curbside to drop off recycling programs in the county,” Recycling and Waste Management Coordinator Kate Neese said.

The programs offered by Clinton County are not all credited to the county itself, but also to the towns and cities within the area.

“We work collaboratively with a couple local municipalities for those two sites specifically and then do marketing and promotion for the other programs that are within the county,” Neese said.

According to Neese, the county holds two events per year to get rid of materials like electronics, household hazardous waste, tires, mattresses, and other reusable items.

In addition to these collections, the department of waste works together with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department and the Sparrow Clinton Hospital to properly dispose of unwanted and expired medications.

“It’s safer to recycle them, so that they don’t get out into the environment or have the potential for people that shouldn’t be using them using them,” a Sparrow Clinton Pharmacy Technician said.

Non-controlled prescription medications can be dropped off anytime at the Sparrow Clinton Pharmacy in St. Johns and the Central Pharmacy in Laingsburg year round and free of charge through the Old Drug Yellow Jug program according to Clinton County’s website.

Medication collection events are also held throughout the year in different locations within the county and are posted on the county’s website.

“I think we sometimes have one every month or one every two months, and most of the time you can bring back anything that we wouldn’t normally accept and if there are controlled medications and they don’t take them back at the event, you can drop them off at the sheriff’s department,” the technician said.

According to the technician, many residents drop off medications in the store throughout the month.

During the month of April, the department of waste will sponsor events such as medication disposal, Recycle Rama, Clean Community, Mercury Health Thermometer Exchange, and Mercury Thermostat Collection, according to the DeWitt Charter Township Facebook page.

Clinton County strives to provide access to recycling programs for residents because recycling not only helps our environment, but also provides economic value, and creates sustainable living according to Heese.

“It’s good to reduce the amount of waste that is going to a landfill. At some point the landfills will fill up and they’re just loaded with reusable resources, like metals, plastics, glass, so environmentally it makes more sense to repurpose, reuse, and recycle than it does to just bury those commodities in the landfill,” Heese said.

The 12 different programs offered are vital to the county because all residents have access to some form of recycling.

“Everybody has access to a program, and that’s one thing we’re quite proud of,” Heese said.

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