Bernie Sanders brings his campaign to Michigan State’s Breslin Arena

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Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders/campaign photo

Sanders Campaign Photo

Demcratic candidate Bernie Sanders/campaign photo

By Shannon Kelly
MI First Election

Bernie Sanders is set to host a rally at the Breslin Center at MSU on Wednesday, March 2.

Junior and political theory major Bryn Williams is part of the ASMSU committee that has been working to get a presidential candidate to campus and speak. He said that more than 14,000 spectators are expected.

The committee has been reaching out to campaigns since August and has had the most productive conversations with the Sanders campaign.

ASMSU even allocated $35,000 to get a candidate to speak. However, the Sanders campaign is expected to cover the expense of this rally.

Williams said, “Sanders was the first campaign to engage is a dialogue about how this would happen, what it would look like and what we needed to do to make this happen.”

Williams said that having a candidate on campus will be beneficial to students who only see these people on television.

Williams said, “Physical presence means a lot. Just to show students that the political process does matter and that there are people in Washington that are listening to you and that care about our voting demographic.

The rally is open to the public. Sanders is set to begin at 7 p.m. Doors will open at 4 p.m.

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