World famous artist visits Broad Art Museum

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By Katie McCoy
Entirely East Lansing

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Caitlin Doherty, curator at Broad Art Museum, introduces artist Andrew Sendor at his lecture Thursday, Feb. 18

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Artist Andrew Sendor visited the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum on Thursday, Feb. 18 and discussed his inspiration and drawing techniques for his new art exhibit.

Andrew Sendor has art exhibits all over the world including New York City and countries such as Germany, Denmark, and Italy, according to Caitlín Doherty, Curator for the museum.

His exhibit at the Broad Art Museum consists of two spaces; one multi-media area designated to a 13-minute film titled Fenomeno and another space for his intricate paintings and exquisitely detailed drawings.

“Andrew is an artist who goes against the grain and is so creative,” said Shalynn Sapotichne, assistant director of development at the museum. “He’s someone who is making waves in our world and we really wanted to bring him here,”

Sendor’s art exhibit opened first on Nov. 7, 2015 but according to Sapotichne, Sendor was not in Michigan and this was the only time he was available to come visit.  Sendor lives in New York City.

“We consider this the opening,” Sapotichne  said.

Other than the exhibit opening in East Lansing, his other recent gallery openings have been in Los Angeles and New York City, bringing in many different views from around the country.

“There is something quite beautiful about his art being shown here,” said Doherty.

Sendor said he was drawn to the art museum over a year ago when he was in touch with the late Michael Rush, founding director for the Broad Art Museum.

Director of Public Relations Whitney Stoepel said, “our director who passed away a year ago, really loved his work and wanted to do an exhibit with Andrew.”

In his speech, Sendor took time to thank Rush for all he had done for him in preparation for this exhibit, “I will always cherish the conversations we had,” said Sendor.

Sendor said he was attracted to the Broad Art Museum because of its very unique stainless steel style and elaborate design.

“The museum itself is iconic,” said Sapotichne, “and a lot of artists want an exhibit here because whether they are creating work here or putting something in this space, it’s a different kind of environment.”

Sapotichne said the museum has a unique architecture and intricate design that draws contemporary artists from around the world.

“There isn’t really a right angle in the building,” said Sapotichne.  “A lot of artists are used to hanging works for a flat wall and our walls are not like that, ours are slanted or at an angle.”

With the distinctively slanted angular walls of the museum, “this forces artist to get out of their comfort zone and be a little more creative,” said Sapotichne

Sendor said he created half of his works specifically for the museum and “was well aware of the dynamics and architecture.”

It took Sendor over a year to prepare for this exhibit, he said.  In his speech he discussed his techniques, such as using different colors to create various shades of grays that would look best against the walls of the Broad Museum.    

Sendor took it upon himself to take part in his contemporary film Fenomeno.  He played a character that has half a shaved beard, which took a little over a year to film, said Sendor.   

According to Sendor’s website, Fenomeno is a film that chronicles a series of rituals performed by Sendor’s imagined band of mystics.

“It’s very interesting,” said both Sapotichne. “Art causes conversation and causes you to ask questions and that’s exactly what Andrew does.”

Sendor’s exhibit closes on April 24 and the museum is free and open to the public.  

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