What do first-time voters look for in a candidate?

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By Dimitri Babalis
MI First Election

First-time voters should know all the pros and cons of a candidate and know what issues they want to focus on in an election.

Blake Veri

                 Blake Veri

Blake Veri will vote for the first time in this year’s election.

Veri said, “I’ve been paying attention a lot throughout the last few months. I’ve watched as many political debates as I could get to.”

“One of the most interesting discussions I’ve had my attention drawn to came when Bernie Sanders talked about his goals to lower and eliminate tuition prices. I’m just not sure which spending cost he would have to cut in order to make that happen,” Veri said.

Another first-time voter, Rochelle Rivera, focused more on what she didn’t want the results to be.                                                              

Rivera said, “Once you actually have a chance to vote, it really changes your perspective on politics. I don’t necessarily watch as many debates as I should, but I do pay attention to the candidates throughout my social media timeline and news reports.”

Rivera also said, “From all I’ve seen, personally, I do not agree with a lot of the points made by Donald Trump. It seems like he is very confrontational and likes to call and single people out. I’m not sure if that’s the personality we need running the country, especially since we see Obama and his calm demeanor.”

The behavior of Republican candidate Trump has been a topic of discussion as the election nears closer each day.

Melanie Nichols attended her first presidential rally in February to watch Republican candidate John Kasich speak at Michigan State University.

Nichols said, “John Kasich was really funny and was trying his best to connect with the crowd. From what I’ve heard and have seen, it seems like he is the most calm and responsible one during all the debates.”

Nichols also said, “I like what I hear from Trump and his push to create more jobs around the country. Knowing that in a few years I will be looking for a full-time job is a scary thought, but the assurance of more jobs grabs my attention.”

Treasure Roberts also will vote in her first election this coming November. However, she doesn’t have her mind made up yet.

Roberts said, “Personally, I’m not sold on any of the candidates at this point. It’s pretty disappointing, I’m not going to lie, I don’t have any motivation to vote for any of the people running in my first election.”

Roberts also said, “I’m trying to find someone who will personally help myself and my family benefit. I’m not sold on anything so far.”

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