Vivee’s Floral Garden and Cafe prepares for upcoming busy season

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By Gabrielle Burbary

The Williamston Post


A local flower shop has started preparing for the busy season of orders ahead.

With graduation, prom, and wedding season just around the corner, Vivee’s Floral Garden and Cafe in Williamston is getting ready for a vast amount of arrangement making by looking at new flower trends and calling in extra help.

“We watch to see what is being offered by the different wire services,” said Lisa Leonard, Vivee’s Floral Garden and Cafe employee.

When it comes to looking out for new popular arrangement styles, Leonard said they’ve got that covered too.

“We watch to see kind of what’s trending,” said Leonard. “We watch to see what is popular on Pinterest and we follow all of those types of things.”

Laura Rosekrans, a Williamston local, said that she has been pleased by Vivee’s Floral Garden and Cafe’s service before.

“I got a boutonnière for my prom date and have also ordered a bouquet of flowers for my mom and they were gorgeous,” said Rosekrans.

Rosekrans also said she liked the arrangement and service of her order.

“Overall, the service was practical and the design was pleasing to the eye and tasteful,” said Rosekrans.

To assure your needs are met in time, Leonard said that they also call in extra help during busier times.

“You have a lot of people that you can call in to help,” said Leonard.

Leonard said that sometimes, the help is even people that they know.

“My husband took 3 days off of work to help with this because it’s fun,” said Leonard.

Leonard said that people want to be involved in something fun like that, so they do have lots of volunteers.

“The floral business is really fun, it’s labor intensive, but it’s fun.”

Tanya Burnette, a Williamston local, said that she has a high opinion of Vivee’s Floral Garden and Cafe.

“I have been in there before and the staff is very nice and very helpful,” said Burnette.

To ensure that your order is met during busy seasons such as this upcoming one, Leonard said that it is most effective to place your order as advanced as possible.

“It is best to get on the calendar because we are a smaller florist,” said Leonard.

Leonard said that they are willing to put together whatever arrangement the client can imagine.

“We really are here to serve what the client wants,” said Leonard. “The sky is the limit.”

If you would like more information about Vivee’s Floral Garden and Cafe, please visit their website.

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