Students use social media for upcoming election

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By Gabriella Galloway
Entirely East Lansing


Although some millennials feel uninformed on the election, there are many ways to get to know candidates and their policies.

The deadline to register to vote in the primary presidential election is Monday, Feb. 8. With attempts by political figures through social media, the encouragement for millennials to vote is certainly out there.

“I’m not informed enough and don’t feel like my vote should count,” said Mackenzie Violassi, a senior food industry management student at Michigan State University who is not registered to vote. Violassi said she has not voted in any previous elections.

For another MSU senior and packaging major, Stephanie Coyle, registering to vote hasn’t crossed her mind, she said.

Although not a registered voter, Coyle said she reads theSkimm, an online news source, to keep up with the election. This website gives a run-down of the candidates, their policies, basic political terminology, and up to date news around the world.

Despite the millennials who feel they are not fit to vote, there are many who are proud registered voters.

MSU packaging senior Olivia Sabbagh, a registered voter, relies on television for her knowledge of the election. “I watch Fox News almost every day,” said Sabbagh. Through Fox News Sabbagh says she is able to keep up to date on what candidates are talking about.

Winston Urwiller, a MSU political science senior who is registered to vote, said he gets his political information from news channels, news magazines and political websites. “I would say I do up to an hour of research a day,” said Urwiller.

Since the 2008 Obama election campaign, Twitter has become a popular source for politicians to connect with the new generation of voters. “I follow Donald Trump on Twitter. It’s entertaining and he’s always calling out the other candidates,” said Violassi. Urwiller said he follows Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, and Chris Christie.

Many agree with the positive effects social media has on the promotion of the presidential election. “With social media it gets more people involved and makes the candidates easier to follow which probably draws in more people to vote,” said Urwiller.

With so many millennials on social media, it fits as a great medium for political figures to campaign. “Social media gives easier access to learning about candidates and gets the younger people involved,” said Coyle.

Rather than social issues, Sabbagh is most concerned with the issues of taxes, immigration and the problems in the Middle East, she said; whereas Coyle said she is concerned with the economy and environmental issues.

Urwiller said, “someone who will work with the republican and democratic sides to get things done,” would be his idea of a good president. Violassi said she sees Trump’s business perspective as positive with concerns to the economy.

Olivia Sabbagh, MSU senior packaging student, "I watch Fox News almost every day."

Olivia Sabbagh, MSU senior packaging student, “I watch Fox News almost every day.”

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