Still in high school, but earning college credits at Haslett High

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Former seniors of Haslett High School pose for pictures. Photo courtesy of Hannah Wood.

By Julie Campbell
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

HASLETT — When it comes to Haslett High School, it’s more than just high school classes. With the amount of college credits they offer, it’s almost as if the students are part time attending a two-year college.

According to the Haslett High School website, the school is fifth-best in the state and 62nd-best in the country when it comes to college readiness.

“Currently, all of our advanced placement classes offer college credit upon receiving a 3 or higher on their AP exam,” said principal Bart Wegenke. “Most of our Haslett High School students take at least two AP classes so they are at least half way through their freshman year before they begin college.”

There are students at Haslett that take enough AP classes in which they earn credit that would normally take them two years to earn at college. If students can earn two years worth of college credits, that makes all the difference for their parents’ wallets. Imagine paying for a two-year college rather than a four-year college. That’s around a $25,000 per year difference.

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“I took a lot of AP classes at Haslett, actually so many that I could graduate after next year,” said Hannah Wood, a sophomore at Michigan State University and Haslett High School graduate.

There are people across Meridian Township that could consider moving into the Haslett district in order to save tens of thousands of dollars when it comes to college, especially at a university like Michigan State.

“I hope this makes more parents want to move into the Haslett district,” said Wegenke. “I am always looking to reach higher and as a result have all of our students be provided with the best high school experiences possible. If that means providing opportunities for college credit while on our high school campus then yes I imagine more people will want to attend Haslett High School.”

There are multiple AP classes that students can take. Also, if a student is struggling, there are teachers in the school that volunteer their time in order to help. Usually, when teachers have to stay after hours, they expect it to be for extra pay.

However, Haslett school districts are so set on having dedicated teachers, that they find these people that are willing to dedicate their time to students. Every student is important at Haslett. Teachers pay attention to every detail and do whatever they can in order to make sure that the students are living up to their academic abilities.

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