New Sparty Statue

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Michigan State University’s beloved Sparty mascot will soon be immortalized as a gift from the 2016 senior class.

Whether it’s the original ceramic statue  inside the stadium, or the duplicate bronze version overlooking the Red Cedar River the spartan is an iconic landmark.

“Well he’s the coolest mascot in college sports, I mean lets all be real,” said Tami Kuhn, the director of the MSU Union. “We just wanted to have something that recognized him and he does live in the Union so it made perfect sense to immortalize him there.”

MSU will now have another Sparty statue, this one will immortalize the Sparty mascot. It will be cast in bronze and placed on the first floor of the union. Michigan State’s senior class decided to make it their 2016 class gift.

“That’s a real great legacy, I mean, it’s going to be something that everyone walks by, so they’re always going think of the senior class when they walk by,” said Jake Devlin, an MSU student.

Anyone can donate to the roughly $150,000 project and have their name displayed on an electronic kiosk next to the statue. This sculpture is being created by Allison Brown, who’s based in Oregon and specializes in building large bronze monuments of college mascots. She says that it should be ready in October and that she can’t wait for it to be a new tradition and a gathering place for students and fans.


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