New complex at Michigan State hopes to bring in better student housing

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East Lansing, Mich. (Focal Point) James Francois had spent both years of his masters at Owen hall. It wasn’t for him.

“I kinda regret doing the second year at Owen,” the marketing student said in regards to living at the graduate hall, “I wish I could have gone to an apartment.”

Francois said that apartment living might have allowed him more privacy along with more space to live and study.

However,there was one big thing keeping him at Owen.

“Location is key, the closer to campus is better,” said Francois.

Michigan State Universities’s new construction project is hoping to bring together these two option, with it’s new complex the 1855 Place.

1855 Place’s future location is right across from the Breslin on Harrison st. It will house a total of 11 buildings.

1855 Place wil include a number of different apartment buildings. The $160 million project will also feature a retail shop, Starbucks and convenience store.

The complex was created is, in a way, replacing the old Spartan Village apartments, which have “outlived their usefulness,” said Kat Cooper, Director of Communications for the Residential and Housing services at MSU.

Besides housing, 1855 Place will have a number of different office buildings for RHS and MSU athletics. There will also be ticket office

Cooper explained that, in addition, Spartan Village was mostly designed for students with families, but they are seeing less of those.

“It’s just not who we’re seeing coming to MSU,” Cooper said.

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