Michigan State University Strives to be the Healthiest Campus Through the Healthy Campus Initiative

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EAST LANSING, Mich (FOCAL POINT)-  Communication Senior Matt Sturgeon likes to workout and is doing his best to stay healthy

“I think sometimes in the wintertime we get caught in a trap, its cold outside, you know don’t want to go to the gym or don’t feel motivated so much.”

And University officials agree…that’s why they are launching the Healthy Campus Initiative.

“How can we get people moving, how can we get people walking.”

Recently appointed director of the HCI, Dr. Ed Rosick

“It’s just getting ideas”

Has already started strategic planning

“Coordinate and integrate all the health initiatives all the things that we are doing for health and wellness her on campus under the umbrella of Healthy Campus Initiative.”

That focus is to make Michigan State the healthiest campus in the nation.

The Healthy Campus Initiative promotes itself through movement activities and eating and shopping healthy.

Through the education and integration of the HCI, Extension Educator for Food and Nutrition, Joyce McGarry

“As life as students, you don’t always choose the healthiest foods”

Believes people will be more aware of a healthy lifestyle

“I think with the consistent messages that are out there that people will maybe start to change habits.”

The biggest goal is looking at community health as a whole and to make improvements

“This isn’t a month long process, this isn’t a year long process, this will be a multi-year process.”

The initiative already has students excited for what’s to come

“I think it’s great, I’ve always thought you stay in shape or you’re being physically active you feel better about yourself”

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