Joey’s Pet Outfitters celebrates 10th anniversary

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The Williamston Post

By Gabrielle Burbary

Joey’s Pet Outfitters is celebrating 10 years of serving pets and the community of Williamston.

Maggie, the manager at Joey’s Pet Outfitters, stands next to a banner photo  of “Joey” the Golden Retriever himself.

Maggie, the manager at Joey’s Pet Outfitters, stands next to a banner photo of “Joey” the Golden Retriever himself.

Joey’s Pet Outfitters opened on Nov. 1, 2005, and is the only pet store in the area. The store, best known for their goal of natural pet nutrition, has been rallying with other retail since they have opened to strengthen the community.

“The difference between Williamston and a larger town is that all local retail band together to raise funds to get people into the town,” said Kris Horstman, former treasurer at the Williamston Chamber of Commerce.

Horstman said that Joey’s is different because they focus only on animals.

“We have places like Tractor Supply Company that sells some type of pet stuff but Joey’s is the only pet-centered place we have,” said Horstman.

Not only does the store add to Williamston’s retail sector in general, but Derek Drushel, the founder of Joey’s Pet Outfitters, said that they add to the community by location as well.

“We’re not downtown, and I think we contribute just in that sense,” said Drushel. “There are a lot of great businesses and communities such as Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Hundred Acre Woods Landscape.”

Drushel said that when it comes to getting involved directly, Joey’s tries to help in any way that they can.

“A lot of times we try to focus on animal-related causes for obvious reasons, and really just so we can find some way to budget and prioritize,” said Drushel. “I wish we could say yes to everyone, and with more every time, but we do our best.”

Drushel said that not only has Joey’s Pet Outfitters evolved internally over 10 years of business, but externally.

“Oh it’s night and day,” said Drushel. “There was nothing but a grey, rectangular, concrete block building, with white paint on the inside of that block for the interior walls, and a concrete floor.”

Drushel said that with hard work, they have made Joey’s Pet Outfitters what it is today.

“We spent years remodeling the building and redeveloping and landscaping the back into a beautiful dog park, complete with a large pond,” said Drushel. “It’s been a complete overhaul.”

With Drushel’s dedication to Joey’s Pet Outfitters also came dedicated customers like Mary Stevens, who has been shopping there for five years.

One of the main reasons I go there is the knowledge and service of the employees,” said Stevens. “They are on top of their nutritional information and company recalls.”

Stevens said that the staff there are also helpful in finding products that work for her dog with allergies.

The staff know my name, offer help warmly, and listen to your requests and needs,” said Stevens.

Drushel said that 10 years ago when he founded the store, he had a specific goal in mind.

“I wanted to really push the envelope in products, and education, so that our customers don’t just have nicer stuff to buy, or better food to give their pet, but they can actually find ways to live a more fulfilling life together,” said Drushel.

For more information on Joey’s Pet Outfitters,  please visit their website.

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