International students tell how they see American politics

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By Adam J. Taylor
MI First Election

International students on Michigan State’s campus spoke out on some of their opinions and ideas about what is happening in the current presidential election.

One student went as far as saying that the political process in the United States is like that of a Third World Country.”

Diego Alagan, a junior at MSU from Mexico, said “I think it’s a terrible misconception that American politics represent the archetype of a democracy. There are several interest groups that manage to skew the political process blatantly and without punishment. That reminds me a lot of back home, a third world country.

“I also think that bipartisanship is not very effective as a political model. There are millions of voters who identify with either party in certain respects, so trying to capture the whole American culture in a binary way is probably not the best for the country’s sake.”

Another student said that the entire election is being used for entertainment purposes.

Ben Neoh, a sophomore at MSU from China, said “The point of the election process should be seeing which candidate has the best ideas and/or plan for this nation when most of what I see are slightly dramatic. Basically, more toward entertainment than informative purposes.”

Neoh said, “I wouldn’t vote for anyone if I had the chance just because I know so little about anyone apart from how social media portrays them.”

Sapna Vijay, a senior at MSU from East Africa, said that American politics is looked at in a negative light sometimes.

“Obviously it’s very different with American politics in the sense that it’s not as organized, there is a lot of corruption and a lot of the times there are predisposed conflicts.”

She says it also is seen in a positive light sometimes.

“I guess we all view American politics as something that’s just very legitimate and respected, there is a process and that process is always you know well followed.”

For Alagon, the GOP candidates are ridiculous and he does not want a certain member to win at all.

If Donald Trump is elected president, well … “I just hope Donald Trump doesn’t win or I’m leaving the country.”

As international students on a U.S. campus, all said the election is not that important to them because they are not able to vote anyway.

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