Granger Trash Service to offer curbside recycling to customers

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By Anna Shaffer
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Residents of Delhi Township who have Granger Trash Service will be eligible for street-side recycling at no additional charge beginning in June 2016.

Currently, street-side recycling is offered to customers as an additional charge service. Granger also offers a drop-off service free of charge to customers where they can bring sorted recyclables to the Granger Recycling Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The program will be offered to customers in single-family homes, and will not include customers who receive their trash service through a contract such as a homeowners’ or condo association, according to a press release issued by Granger.

“I definitely think this will increase the amount of recycling in Delhi,” said Evan Hope, trustee for Delhi Township. “Especially just looking at our current drop-off center. The response was overwhelming after it opened. Granger was surprised at how often they had to come empty it.”

The overall opinion of some Delhi Township residents on the implementation of this change seems to be positive. Many residents currently opt out of the street-side recycling program, choosing to take their recyclables to various recycling centers for free.

Michelle Prudden, a resident of Holt, said that she felt the old program was “inconvenient,” but now plans on switching to the street-side service.

According to Hope, the Delhi Township Recycling Center, which is located south of the Wastewater Treatment Plant at McCue and Grovenburg Roads, will still operate for those who don’t use Granger or do not wish to participate in street-side service.

Map showing the location of the Delhi Township Recycling Center

Map showing the location of the Delhi Township Recycling Center, courtesy of Google Maps.

The new street-side recycling program will be referred to as “single-stream,” and will not need to be sorted before it is placed in the bin, according to a press release issued by Granger.

Hope is optimistic that offering this service free to Granger’s customers will show an increase in number of residents who recycle, especially because they can put all of their recyclables in one container.

The statistics are there to back his expectation, as well. According to a study done by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center, when Madison, Wis. changed to single-stream in 2005, the recycling rate leaped by 25 percent in the first year.

Graph from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee study showing the growth in single-stream recycling from 2000 to 2005

Graph from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee study showing the growth in single-stream recycling from 2000 to 2005.

According to the Delhi Township website, the program will accept a variety of items including cardboard, tin and aluminum, plastic bottles and mixed paper.

The program will also accept glass but Granger has stated in a press release, “due to safety and operational concerns, we prefer you take glass to the recycling drop-off center.”

Holt resident Beth Lenhard currently takes all of her recycling to the Michigan State University Surplus and Recycling located in East Lansing. “I’m really excited for this change because I don’t have to sort it all in my garage anymore, I can just put it all in one bin,” said Lenhard.

Once residents have signed up for the program, they will receive a Curby Recycler at no additional charge, according to a press release issued by Granger. The Curby Recycler is a 96-gallon cart that is 45.13″ tall, 28.5″ wide and 33.73″ deep and will be delivered to residents before the end of May.

The new program is set to begin in early June and recyclables will be picked up every other week, according to the Delhi Township website.

Information on the number of Delhi Township residents who currently use Granger Trash Service could not immediately be provider by Granger.

Delhi Township currently offers additional recycling programs separate from Granger including grease recycling, thermometer exchange and foam recycling, according to the Delhi Township website.

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