Five questions with Michael Popovich

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Michael Popovich
Home town: Grosse Pointe Woodsphoto (5)
East Lansing resident since 1997
Works at the East Lansing Public Library as a Librarian Assistant

What do you do as a Librarian Assistant?

I hired in as IT (information technology). As tech services type stuff, like doing computer work, and they found that I was really good at doing reference so now I’m like a reference librarian here. But I do a little bit of everything. I do tech work, I help with all the computers and such, I help patrons if they have any problems on the PC’s or with their own equipment, I do one on one training with them for computers or tablets or phones or cameras. I work at the desk doing reference work for people coming in. I have my hand in mostly everything.

What is your favorite part about your job?

We have your regular patrons that come in, I mean just working with them, my favorite part is the people that you get to know, like the community. My coworkers, I mean this is probably the best work environment I’ve ever had. I haven’t done a lot of different things but everyone is very, there’s no like in fighting or anything like that, you know how with a lot of jobs there is that. But as far as outwardly, like with our patrons, my favorite is our regular patrons that come in. The ones that you get to know and come in asking for you because they want you to help them with something or tell you about some book that they read or get your recommendation. I have one lady that comes in and she always wants recommendations for movies. There’s one of the kids that comes in that always wants me to find her some new some sci-fi. She’s read everything. It’s like I really can’t help you anymore (laughs).

Do you have a favorite book or movie?

As far as movies, it’s so hard, I have a lot of favorite movies. Of course Star Wars and that type of thing. But like as far as comedies go, I mean, Caddyshack and Airplane, I always recommend those. TV shows you have to do Firefly at least some point in your life. Books, boy I don’t know, I’m not sure what I’ve read lately that I have really liked. That whole Harry Potter series was awesome, but everyone is going to say that. It’s very cliché to say that. For a librarian, I don’t read very much (laughs). To be honest with you. I’ll tell you what a great book is though. There was a book that Chris Jericho wrote, some WWF wrestler guy, I think it was called Lion Heart or something (actually called A Lion’s Tale). It was about when he was like in all of the Mexican leagues and all that stuff. It’s absolutely hilarious and he’s actually a really good writer. So I guess I would recommend that to someone if they like that kind of nonsense.

What do you enjoy about the city of East Lansing?

It’s a great place to live. The college atmosphere is very intoxicating in a way. It’s like you don’t want to leave. You’ll find that if you stick around here you start feeling pretty old around here because everyone is so young. But no I mean it’s such a great city. It’s for the most part a safe city, not real high crime. You know it’s a beautiful location, campus is beautiful. I don’t know, where I live, I mean I have a lot of forest and a pond behind my place but then it takes two minutes to get to Meijer and like Best Buy. It’s a feeling of a small community, not necessarily rural, but very safe homey type but then you are close to everything. You aren’t out in the country where you have to drive a half hour to hit anything. Just the people in East Lansing are very nice (too).

What is at the top of your bucket list?

I would like to see MSU win a national championship, but I’m not in control of that one. I don’t know, probably something like going to a good (college football) bowl game we get into or a (NCAA basketball) FInal Four or something like that. To be able to go. Actually Final Four is easy that’s usually in Indiana. I might actually be able to get down to that. I’d like to see the Toronto Maple Leafs win a Stanley Cup but that isn’t going to happen in my lifetime (laughing). In the 90s I was a pretty big fan, but I had to jump ship to the Red Wings now.

-Max Benoit

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