Five Questions with Jami Tibbals

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City Hall Administrative Assistant Jami Tibbals

City Hall Administrative Assistant Jami Tibbals.

 Jami Tibbals

Are you originally from Mason?

I’ve lived here for 30 years so I’m not originally from here, but this is my home now. I’m originally from Alpena, that’s in Northern Michigan. We moved here because it’s a small quaint town and it has a great college nearby.

What is your occupation here in Mason?

I am the administrative assistant here at City Hall. We do several jobs besides being the receptionist and handling all the calls.

What do you like the most about Mason?

The friendliness and the small quaint towns as well as the kindness of people.

Where, in your opinion, is the best place to eat in Mason?

Well, the pub has pretty good food. Darb has good food. There is always someone you know when you go there.

What is your favorite winter activity either here in Mason or just in general?

Probably go skating. We don’t have as many skating rinks as what we used to but I like to go skating in Lansing.


-Madelyn Scroggie

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