Five Questions with Debbie Hedemark

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Debbie Hedemark

Manager at Maple Street Mall Debbie Hedemark.

Are you originally from Mason?

I am, well I have lived here since I can remember.

What is your occupation here in Mason?

Manager at Maple Street Mall. This business was opened in 2008 to give other small business owners an opportunity to have space, while we take care of a lot of the major overhead items. They lease space and they come in and do floor work and sell their product. So there are 50 different business here under this roof.

What do you like the most about Mason?

The friendliness of pretty much everybody here in town. It is a small town and hometown feel. I think the business here do a good job of making people feel welcome for the most part.

Where, in your opinion, is the best place to eat in Mason?

Either The Vault Deli or The Courthouse Pub. Both are within walking distance of our business here.

What is your favorite winter activity either here in Mason or just in general?

I like to go antiquing.  

-Madelyn Scroggie

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