First person: Safe Travels

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By Jequcory Davis
MI First Election

EAST LANSING—As I entered the packed Union Ballroom Feb. 15, I noticed something. There were people from all walks of life to hear John Kasich speak. Prior to this event, I’d never heard of Kasich, Ohio gvernor and candidate for the Republican nomination, but that didn’t matter, as he had my full attention now.

There were common people, students, police officers and reporters packed in to hear him speak. I’d never seen anything quite like it to be honest, at least not in the Union ballroom.

He touched on a number of topics such as his optimistic view for the country, compassion, personal responsibility and he went in depth in talking about the Flint water crisis.

“I think they need to look at all the water rules and regulations. We need to make quicker reporting requirements,” he told the East Lansing crowd. He also said he thinks that Gov. Rick Snyder is probably working night and day to get that situation handled.

Detroit News photographer Dale Yong said he “was trying to get a couple good photos of Kasich. I love doing events like this because I get to see a lot of different people and hear some good speaking. Hopefully his thoughts can inspire a person in this crowd today.”

MSU senior Reginald King found the event by accident and said, “I was just minding my business and I noticed all this commotion so I came in to see what the big fuss was about. I’m a Democrat, so it was interesting to hear what he had to say and the views that he had on certain topics, but he sounded solid even though it’s not the party I would normally keep my ear open for.”

As I talked to more and more people I came to realize that people were really from everywhere. The reporters I met included one from the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, The New York Times and even CNN. As a journalist, I was glad to be able to mingle among all of these journalists while they did their jobs. Meeting all these people prompted me to say one thing as we departed from one another: “Safe travels.”

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