College voters emphasize importance of media in election

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By Gabrielle Burbary



Caption: MSU sophomore, Jaclyn Rosenberg, poses for a picture after sharing her thoughts on the upcoming presidential primary elections.

Are you voting in the presidential primaries this year?

The 2016 presidential primary election is being held on March 8. Some students thought that for more millennials to be involved in the election, the media should be more involved and display the information in an easier way to understand and educate them. The last day to register is Feb 8.

“I think that the media doesn’t do a good job of ‘dumbing down’ the information,” said Chrissy Clark, a freshman at Michigan State University. “I think that the media needs to create a way to dumb down the information in order to make the American youth motivated to understand and learn.”

Clark, a political science major at MSU, says that she is registered to vote this year in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois and feels she is educated on the election.

“I follow politics closely, considering I am a political science major, so I’ve been following this race since the beginning,” said Clark.

Natalie Bearss, a freshman pre-nursing student at MSU, says that she is also registered to vote in the primaries and thinks that there is a better way to inform young voters.

“I think that the best way to involve millennials in elections is to seriously educate them on why this stuff is important,” said Bearss.

Bearss said that she thinks some younger voters believe that who gets elected when they are in their younger years does not affect them, when in fact she feels it does.

“This is the time when kids start to make a career and money for the foundation of their lives.” said Bearss.

Jaclyn Rosenberg, a sophomore at MSU, said that she has not voted before, but plans to in this year’s upcoming primary.

Rosenberg said that she has heard about this upcoming election through Google News and is aware of some information regarding this election, but not fully.

“I am informed about all of the candidates in this election, but not as informed as I should be,” said Rosenberg. “I just read the Google articles and see what people post on Facebook about them.”

Rosenberg says that there are better ways to inform the younger voters that aren’t taken advantage of all of the time.

“Social media is a better way to inform younger voters,” said Rosenberg. “Facebook has been my primary source of information for this election because I see all of the posts about the election.”

Here is how to register to vote in Michigan if you have not already.,1607,7-127-1633_8716_8726_47669—,00.html


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