Clean water is all about effective stewardship in Meridian Township

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By Julie Campbell
Meridian Times Staff Reporter

Michigan is no stranger when it comes to water crises. The poisonous water throughout Flint has been one of the top stories across the country as of late. There are have been many fundraisers and donations across the country, especially in Michigan, in order to help Flint with their tragedy.

However, Meridian Township realizes that they must not only help Flint, but also take action to prevent something like this happening to them in the near future. It can happen to any community.

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Michigan Water Stewardship Program flyer.

Meridian Township has a new environmental education and outreach website based on how to take care of their water. It reaches out to every citizen from the youth to the elderly.

They make a point to try to and relate to the younger children who care about the environment. The kids can learn how to make a difference for the Great Lakes while still having fun.

It is important for them to know that what they do now will affect their lives as adults. The website teaches them to reduce, reuse, and recycle. From walking and biking, turning off the tap while brushing their teeth, turning off the TV, to using a lunchbox instead of a bag.

The information is endless. If the information gets boring, however, there are online games that they can play while also learning.

For older residents in Meridian Township, the website helps them start by identifying environmental risks, learning how to better manage their home, and take action to keep their environment safe.

“Believe it or not I’ve been on that website and have used it here and there,” said Monica Visser, 43, of Okemos. “I work from home, so while my kids are at school and my husband is out working, I constantly look for ways to improve the way we live and how to save money. I found one of those flyers on my door so, you know, I thought why not because it’s been making me sick hearing about all that in Flint. I don’t want something like that happening here.”

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Michigan Water Stewardship Program flyer.

There is an online training program in which families can create a private account and track what they do with their water.

The website includes a section on water education teacher resources and lesson plans. Teachers can voluntarily email their lesson plans they’ve written on water education to be posted on the site and they’ll receive full credit.

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Information provided by National Geographic

Meridian Township has clearly been affected by all of the water crises going on in the state. They have taken action and continue to provide ways to help prevent this from happening there in the future.

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