Apartments opening: they're "complex-ated"

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Hospitality Business junior Joseph Titus shared his thoughts about the new complex opening up in East Lansing.

By Kayla Robinson

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Michigan State University is planning a $156 million apartment complex at South Harrison Road and East Kalamazoo Street.

The complex, scheduled to open in late 2017, will be unique. East Lansing Community and Economic Development Administrator Lori Mullins said the project will be split into two phases; the first for students, the second for families.

The apartments will be named 1855 Place. The name of the complex came from the year that Michigan State University was founded, which is 1855.

Hospitality Business junior Joseph Titus said why this style of housing would be beneficial for both families and students.

“I think it’s a great idea that this apartment complex is coming into play because I like the fact that Michigan State campus housing is taking on the responsibility to help house not only students, but housing affordable for families as well. They’ll just be split up, which will be good as well,” Titus said.

Titus also said that housing is cheaper off campus, so this is a good move by MSU.

“From my personal experience, I’ve been able to save thousands from living off campus,” Titus said. “Most of my experiences with other college students have been very invigorating.”

Mullins said what the main attraction of this complex opening up will be to both students and families.

“The apartments have great proximity to the university’s multiple amenities and are built into a mixed-use neighborhood with office, recreation and retail components,” Mullins said.

Andy Linebaugh, construction representative of this project, said how much housing will actually be available.

“There’s going to be 1,000 beds in total and roughly 300 additional residential apartments,” Linebaugh said.

Linebaugh also said who is actually in charge of the whole thing and who gave them permission to make it all happen.

“A construction management titled Walbridge from Detroit is who is ultimately in charge of construction and the Board of Trustees here is who gave us permission to let us go through with this plan,” Linebaugh said.

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