5 Questions with Ray Walsh

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Ray Walsh owns Curious Bookstore on Grand River in East Lansing

Why do you like East Lansing?
It has a variety of businesses. I like it because it is a college town. It has a lot small businesses and restaurants that makes it unique and I like that. I like having a choice of places to shop. There are a lot of sections to shop. Everything from tattoo parlors to bars, places I don’t go to anymore but it’s nice to have choices to go to.

Have you lived anywhere else?
Well I was born in Ohio, I grew up in Northwest Detroit. I lived in Brody dormitory, Bailey Hall, when I went to school here. I got an apartment and then bought and moved into a house and now I live in Lansing, about 15 minutes away.

What makes East Lansing different from any other place you have visited?
The choices and the variety of people and businesses.

Did you choose to live/work in East Lansing? Why and why not?
When I was going to school, my parents said, “live in a dorm, keep your hair short, don’t buy a car and we’ll pay your way through college, son,” so I moved off campus, let my hair grow long and bought a car and paid my own way through college. So having those kind of decisions, living in East Lansing is something I have always enjoyed and would definitely recommend to other people.

What is your favorite place to go in East Lansing?
Well Curious Book Shop, obviously, but I like going places that people don’t publicize a lot, like the Michigan State University Museum, because a lot of people don’t even know it exists and it has great exhibits and I’m fortunate to have a lot of great employees helping me run the business here.

-Katie McCoy

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