5 questions with Johnny Lindstrom

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Name: Johnny Lindstrom


Johnny Lindstrom, and employee at a local deli in Mason, MI.

  1. Question: What is your favorite color?Answer: “Orange”
  2. Question: What is your favorite thing about Mason? Answer: “I mean, it’s a nice town. I don’t live here really, I just work here, so I don’t know a whole lot about it, but I mean, It’s nice, looks good and everyone is really friendly”
  3.  Question: What is your favorite quote?Answer: “Not really. I mean, I guess the only thing to live by would be to make yourself happy”
  4.  Question:  What is your favorite movie?Answer: “Probably “Mad Max” that just came out”
  5.  Question: What are your favorite hobbies?Answer: “Probably just hanging out with my family, honestly”


-Abby Burbary

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