5 Questions with John Neelankavil

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John Neelankavil works at Hungtington Bank in Meijer in East Lansing

Why do you like East Lansing?
I like the city, the people too.

Have you lived anywhere else?
I lived in Flint before.

What makes East Lansing different from any other place you have visited?
There’s a lot more people and a lot more things to do here, I feel. Like what? A lot more bars, more social life. Flint didn’t offer a lot of opportunities and I come here and there’s so much to do.

Did you choose to live/work in East Lansing? Why and/or why not?
I went to State and just stayed here.

What is your favorite place to go in East Lansing?
I like to hit the bars.

-Katie McCoy

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