5 Questions with David Marshall

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What’s your favorite veggie?
Corn. I like it on the cob. On the cob is tasty.

Mayo man

David Marshall works in Mary Mayo Hall.

What’s your favorite breed of dog?
Probably… oh, man. What’s the name of that dog? Let’s go with a golden [retriever]. They’re loyal and they look pretty and they’re a good size, a solid size.

What’s your favorite genre of music?
Rap, hip hop I guess. Right now, the Weeknd.

What’s your favorite kind of cereal?
Frosted Flakes.

What’s the best part of East Lansing?
 The college atmosphere. I live downtown but when you come to EL, being a college student there’s a lot of things you can do around here a lot of fun a lot of activities and things to do around here.

-Chloe Kiple

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