5 Questions with Andreas Alimonos

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Andreas Alimonos works at Georgio’s Gourmet Pizzeria in East Lansing.

1. What is your favorite part of living in East Lansing?

The young people surrounded around me is my favorite.

2. Do you think this is a good area to raise a family in?

Absolutely, because it’s safe and a majority of the people are students. The police do a good job of keeping the city safe and the schools are really good. People pay their taxes so they can afford to pay for education.

3. What is your favorite restaurant in East Lansing?

I like PF Chang’s. Asian food is my favorite.

4. Does it ever get to be too much living in a college town?

No, absolutely not.

5. Would you say East Lansing has a lot of opportunities for people?

Not specifically for after college. Only for college students; after that, it’s limited. By that point, people need to go out of state or to a different city.

-Kayla Robinson

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