5 questions with Alex Martin

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Martin works in the Starbucks within D&W Fresh Market grocery store.

Q: Why do you love Williamston?

A: “I think it’s a really close knit town, you know everybody’s first name, it’s social and every one is just really nice. There are a lot of really good parts about it.”

Q: What makes Williamston the ideal place to live?

A: “Well, I think we have kind of the right amount of everything in small doses. I like the country style of living. I don’t like big cities or the big hustle and bustle so I feel like it’s a miniature version of everything you need.”

Q: What’s your favorite community event Williamston puts on?

A: “Red Cedar Jubilee! The beer tent!”

Q: Why is it your favorite event?

A: “You see everybody there. It’s a lot of fun everybody is kind of a little bit more relaxed than normal and you see everybody you know there.”

Q: If you could describe Williamston in three words what would they be?

A: “Cute, Community and Charming.”

-Caitlin DeLuca

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