Community supports soccer team on road to state finals

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By TJ Morris
The Williamston Post

A good athletic team always has a good fan base backing it up. This is definitely the case in Williamston. Residents and students support the Williamston High School soccer team and some even say that community support helped the players and their road to state. Eleventh-year Head Coach Brent Sorg is one who says so.

“Yes, without a doubt,” said Sorg. “Williamston is the best place to play soccer.”

The soccer team brought the town together as a whole on its road to the state championship. Sorg says many community members and alumni contacted him and even some individuals that he didn’t know reached out to him to wish him luck.

The team fell short of a state championship, losing to Grand Rapids South Christian in a tough 0-1 shootout. Sorg says even then there were parents welcoming them back into town after their loss.Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 3.11.00 PM

A good athletic program is built on a great booster club and the Williamston soccer booster club is just that. The soccer booster club has been around since 1989.

“It’s looked at as kind of the gold standard,” said Sorg. “The soccer booster is able to raise money but also able to do other projects to make it a great facility, great uniforms and help with team trips”

The coaching staff and players are extremely happy and appreciative of the support and recognition they have received. Senior first team all-state player Josh Ward was pleased with the recognition. Also, senior first team all-state player Brian Ganton was happy with the community support.

“I personally feel like we’ve got the recognition with all the stories written,” said Ward.

“Having the large community that we have backing us not only individually but as a team collectively, I think it pushes us to play to the best of our ability,” said Ganton.

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