WOW! representative addresses rate increase

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By Terri Powys
The Mason Times

Earlier this fall Mason’s city council heard from representative Dominick Silvio in regards to the recent programming rate increase by WOW! Internet & Cable. As General Manager of WOW! Mid-Michigan, Silvio was sent to address recent complaints concerning the lack of communication between WOW! and their customers in Mason.

“It was to my understanding that earlier this summer there was an extensive email sent out to the clients in Mason in which there was an in-depth rundown of the rate increase. We understand that a 16% increase for programming in the past two years is a lot and we have kept customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list,” says Silvio.

Although some members of the community and city council have said that they are not satisfied with WOW!’s services there has not been any direct complaints to city council regarding specific issues.

“So far the Council has had no comments from our residents about the rate increase; it seems that I was the only unhappy resident,” jokes councilman Les Bruno

Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Marlon Brown said, “WOW! has made some efforts to increase communication with clients and the city as a whole. However, that communication has lagged over the past year or so. WOW! representatives have not provided any additional updates to the community in quite some time, so when we received a notification about the rate increase, many of us were surprised and concerned. The main complaint that I hear is that residents feel that there should be more competition and that other providers can offer better services at a lower price.”

There has been discussion of bringing AT&T to Mason with the franchise agreement that was approved by City Council, however it is unknown if AT&T will make the decision to come.

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