Red Cedar Distillery

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By Caroline Serritella
The Meridian Times

Red Cedar Spirits is home of the one of the largest distilling operations in Michigan and is located off Hagadorn and Park Lake Road in Meridian Township.

Michigan State chemical engineering professor Berglund has owned the distillery for about 17 years. Recently, he told his students the distillery were looking for bartenders.

“I wanted to work there because I’m very interested in the distilling industry,” student Olivia Dunn said.

Dunn is a senior enrolled studying chemical engineering with a minor in beverage science, is one student who applied.

“I thought Red Cedar Spirits was the perfect place to learn more about one of the real-world applications of what I’m studying,” Dunn said.

The distillery’s spirits range from gin, vodka, brandy, and whisky to bourbon. The distillery also has a bar inside the distillery which includes a full cocktail bar made with fresh fruits and herbs.

“It’ll be two years in February since we’ve opened and I think what makes us unique is the experience we have behind us,” manager Debbie Dell said.

Many customers ask why the distillery is named “Red Cedar Spirits.”

“We got the name from obviously the Red Cedar River that runs through Michigan State’s campus, but as a tributary we have a stream that runs through our property. Along with that, our bar is called Red Cedar because it’s made out of that kind of wood,” Dell said.

Michigan is third nationally for number of craft distilleries. As of July 2015, there were 40 statewide and could potentially contribute $400 million to the state’s economy.

Alex Battle said, “I’m a senior here at Michigan State and a couple of my friends have been to a winery a couple hours away, but when one of our friends told us about a distillery we thought it’d be cool to check out, so we did. You can really tell the difference between the stuff bought on the shelf and the drinks here.”

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