Preuss Pets updates its quirky look

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By Cynthia Lee
Old Town Lansing Times Staff Reporter

Preuss Pets store in Old Town had artist Bob Welton installed an artsy look to the outside of the store. The tropical trees adds the attraction to the unique pet store.

The store has always been hard to miss when entering Old Town. The pet store enhanced their tropical appearance, adding more features that help give Old Town it unique quirky look.


“I felt as if we were missing something, and I love adding new things to the store,” said owner Rick Preuss.

Welton added a tropical touch with the palm trees, and other tropical aspects adding to the original art design.The first artist to decorate it was Tom Phillips, creating the stores unique mural, giving the place their own signature look.

“When I was contacted I already had a great idea for the new addition,” Welton said. “Rick was open to my ideas, and it was a great collaboration.”

Preuss Pet Store at 1127 N. Cedar St. has been in the pet industry for over 30 years, offering a wide selection of animals.

Michigan State University school of Planning, Design & Construction, PhD Undergraduate advisor Janice Hironaka gave her thoughts on the renovations. “Art landscape such as this adds attraction, within the Urban Renewal process in Old Town,” said Hironaka.

She also said that “The waterfall, tropical trees, and murals makes someone passing by curious and makes them want to come inside the store.”

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