Lansing School Board concerned about meal participation

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By Sheryl Levitt
Listen Up, Lansing Staff Reporter

At Nov. 5’s Lansing School Board meeting, the board praised the district’s food services program for meeting and exceeding expectations so far this year. One of their biggest goals was to increase the amount of student meals served.

According to the Lansing School Board’s Operations Report, district-wide meal participation experienced an increase of 4.1 percent this year. While lunch participation as a whole increased by 2.27 percent, breakfast participation only increased by 1.26 percent.

There is a also significant difference in participation among elementary, middle school, and high school students. Middle school and elementary participation for breakfast and lunch are currently at 67.24 and 85.68 percent, and 75.19 and 77.59 percent, respectively.

High school participation for breakfast and lunch are much lower at 33.38 and 62.69 percent. A representative from the Lansing School District’s food services program explained that these differences are quite common, but board members still voiced some concerns.

meal chart

Chart created by Sheryl Levitt


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