Holt is trying to shake the "bedroom community" image

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By Carrie Lynch
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Taking a walk through Holt could mislead someone into believing the main purpose of the city is to be an area where people sleep, eat, and play but do not work. The lack of people in restaurants, walking around town, and driving around makes Holt seem like just a bedroom community.

Delhi Township Supervisor C.J. Davis believes Holt previously may have been a bedroom community, but is moving on to be its own unique city. “For a long time, we were content to be a bedroom community to Lansing,” said Davis.

View Along Cedar Street

As years go on, Davis said that Holt is trying to bring individuality to the town, and make it more attractive to businesses coming in.

“What we do here is make sure we have trails, sidewalks and safe streets. We’re looking at now doing the Cedar Street revisions. What were trying to do here is give us some individuality with our parks, and our trails,” said Davis. “We do things to try to make it an attractive business environment because of our location.”

Being so close to Lansing, Michigan’s State Capitol, Holt could easily be viewed as a bedroom community for that town.

“In any area where you have a capitol you always end up with those outlying areas that help support the capitol city,” said Davis.

Due to lack of economic development, Holt does not have the foundation for large company facilities, such as a GM plant, nor do they really want any, said Davis.

Therefore, if a resident of Holt plans to work in a place such as a GM plant, they would be forced to work outside of the town they live in.

Judy Parrish, for example, lives in Holt with her two children. She works outside of the town, at the Stateroom Restaurant at Michigan State University in East Lansing.

She is content with her job, and said she has no plans of working in Holt. Because there are no fine dining restaurants in the area, she couldn’t use her skills to her full potential if she were to work in the town she lives in.

“I love my job especially because I work for Michigan State. The benefits and the money are too good to leave. I would consider working in Holt but there aren’t as many opportunities for me as a fine dining server,” said Parrish.

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