Hiking trails make Dehli Township more appealing, official says. So expect more

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By Ashley Gibbard
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Delhi Township is using its non-motorized transportation plan it make its community more appealing to potential homeowners of all generations.

“We want to open things up and have as much space for new parks and trails as possible, by doing so along with adding new sidewalks and running infrastructure underground we have already seen an increase in people from a younger generation buying homes here,” Delhi Township Supervisor C.J. Davis said. “It makes it more inviting.”

Passed in 2007, the plan is more a part of the community than ever, with the addition of the new Ram Trail and the idea of even more trails being added in the future.

“We definitely have plans for even more trails,” Davis said. “The plan gets updated every five years so that we can add new trails with the help of grants.

“We plan on putting a new path to the park on Holt Road and also creating a path to Cedar Lake, which I think about 90 percent of our residents don’t even know exists because it is hidden by old unused buildings,” Davis said.

All the trails

All the trails

Davis thinks that eventually there will be trails that run from Delhi to Mason, through Lansing, and all the way to Jackson.

“If you look at the Lansing trails and look at our trails it would make no sense not to connect them,” Davis said.

The trails are also improving community activity, including for Davis himself.

“The trails are big for biking with the younger generations, I hadn’t ridden my bike in 20 years. Now I do it all the time with my son,” Davis said. “The older generations who would go to the mall just to walk around now use the trails and younger families and put owners use the trails to talk walks. It brings the community outside and gets us more active as well as drawing new people and businesses to us.”

Local residents Sharron and Jim Redner share what they love about the trails and the idea of adding more.

“We love taking our dog for a walk in the evening,” Sharron Render said. “It’s so beautiful and peaceful, it will be exciting if they keep adding more because we will have a bunch of different places to walk.”

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